Journey to Recovery

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Journey to Recovery
Journey to recovery

We all know it’s not ‘about me’ when said that caring for others helps us realign our soul for the good in us.

Whether you’re a peer, guide, carer, friend, family or mental health participant you’ve got it in you to look out for those in need to a bit of extra care.

It’s a part of us too here at Charpsy. We get it when someone says I’m feeling lonely today. Or, you’re feeling uncertain about future job prospects. Or you’re exhausted. And you really need a break.

The Charpsy website is designed to make your life easier. We’re a community of kind heart people located locally and abroad looking to improve our daily living with access to online groups, tools, event calendar, RSVP’s, and a payment option to have you make profits from events or donate the proceeds to charity.

At Charpsy, you can if you like to, lobby together for legislation change with our Q & A and documents tools. Charpsy is the beginning of change for the better in our mental health communities. Together as a group we are more powerful than if we stand alone.