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What We Do

At #CharpsyOrg we endeavour to improve positive living outcomes with access to our services. The Charpsy services include:

A world event calendar where you can add your own ticketed and RSVP events that you can charge entry for and keep you keep most of the charges.

Events Calendar

Member Views articles for our members to add their own story and share their hope, encouragement, character building hardship, love, fun and play.

Member Views

See the #charpsyorg Co. Blog, where you’ll find life hacks written by a qualified psychologist in helping with everyday mental health issues that we may all experience to further help with your journey.

#charpsyorg Co. Blog

A project management tool found in each Group, to help you collaborate, organize and structure your work.

Project Management

A social network platform for community.

Charpsy social network.

Find your soul mate with our network dating community.

Charpsy dating network.

A Q & A feature giving you the opportunity to ask your friends, family, and other connections a question to help clear your thoughts.

Questions & Answers

#charpsyorg Co. is open for business in UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and worldwide. Our website is provided in English.

Invite Only

A thoughtfsdul Compliments feature where you can send a friendly reminder of how good your friends, family and fellow community are.

A thoughtful compliments feature.

A personal note from your #CharpsyOrg Co. Manager, Steve.

“You’ll automatically earn 15% commission on your new referral members’ net revenue spend here at Charpsy.

Every time your referred lead spends with us you earn income.

This is called the Sales Executive Program, and it is designed to empower our members for new revenue streams.

Steve Cooper site author

So much more…


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