Your Sales Executive Service

For a Limited Time Only

For a limited time we are automatically signing new members as Sales Executive with #charpsyorg Co., where you’ll earn 15% commission on new member net revenues.

You Will Earn Money

When a new member clicks on your very own unique URL or QR Code and spends at #charpsyorg Co., you will be paid 15% of our net revenue.

Your Unique Referral URL or QR Code

You can find your unique referral URL and QR Code in your Sales Executive Dashboard here.

Receive Your Bonus

Also you will earn a bonus 5% commission by sharing your anonymous story of hardship at the hands of the system that affects your mental health. We will setup a Zoom meeting interview, focusing on three simple questions only. This will take only ten minutes of your time.

Let Us Know

To notify us that you’d like to apply for your extra 5% commission please contact us via email at or Contact Us page.

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