About Us

Our Mission at Heart

Mission Statement: With your support, sponsorship or becoming a member @Charpsy.org is the network of change.

What is Charpsy all about?

Where Did the Charpsy Name Come From?

The Charpsy name is derived from a combination of the two words that are both Charitable Psychology. We’re giving back to community by helping members in achieving improved positive living outcomes and recovery by providing online services. See here.

Is Charpsy free?

Charpsy is a partially free social network.

How Charpsy Makes Money

Charpsy is a Company

Charpsy is a company and we need money for ensure better local and abroad communities. We use the ‘charpsy.org‘ domain because we have charity at heart with a contribution of profits donated towards our preferred charities. See how Charpsy makes money here.

Passionate About Community

Founder and Manager Cooper is passionate about giving back to the community. That is why he will be donating part profits to our preferred charities.

Is My Profile Private?

To see the default Profile Visibility setting when you join visit Is My Profile Private?

In An Emergency

If you or anyone you know on the Charpsy social network is in an emergency then see here.

Hope and Recovery.

Our Services

See what services Charpsy provides to help you achieve betterment.

Is my Charpsy profile private?

Your Privacy

You can set your Profile Privacy to how you like. See default settings here.

Sales Executives

See our inclusive and unique Sales Executive service here. Or your Sales Executive Dashboard, here.



See why our team is passionate about community here.

How do I delete my Charpsy account?

Delete My Account

Charpsy will always allow you to delete everything. Learn here.

Get in touch with Charpsy.

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Get in touch with the Charpsy team. See here.

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