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What is a Carer, Friend and / or Family?

Our Carer, Friend and / or Family is someone who cares about or for a person who has a mental health issue on the Charpsy social network, or in the broader community.

People I care about.
People I care about.

Who Can Change Their Profile Type

Anyone who cares about or for a person with a mental health issue in the broader community or on the Charpsy social network. To be eligible for this profile type you need to be:

  • a carer,
  • a friend and / or
  • family.

Other Profile Types

Learn more about or change to Đồng đẳng / Hướng dẫn profile type. And Người tham gia sức khỏe tâm thần.

Membership Types

Profile type is different to membership type. See more on membership type.

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