Why is Charpsy partially free?

FREE Members

Charpsy online social network is partially free for members.


One day will be an advertising network too.

Member Views

Charpsy members can add their own Member Views for everyone to see, with a small charge for time duration to make their own articles Public.

ad-free on Charpsy

You’ll be able to opt-out of ads by upgrading your account from FREE Members to ad-free on Charpsy.

How Charpsy Makes Money

Charpsy is a company, and we need money to keep our services running smoothly for a better community. See how Charpsy makes money currently and our intentions for the future here.

What Will Eventaully Change?

When we add ads to Charpsy there’ll be a change or two. FREE Members membership will show ads. And you’ll be able to buy ad-free on Charpsy membership to stop ads.

What Will Stay The Same?

No matter what membership type you have, some things will always stay the same, such as:

  1. you’ll have all access to the social network services with most of them included free.
  2. there’s fees and commissions applied when you buy event tickets.
  3. to publish your Member Views there is a small fee.


See our membership page.

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