Website Community Guidelines

Your #charpsyorg community rely on you our members to help keep safe for people to send, view, and share information online and in live events.

We have five core values for you to consider your interactions with us and your community both online and live: 

Offer Support

Be a beacon of light for a peer in distress by offering an ear, sharing insights, and reflecting like minded experiences.

Reach out to the community in your time of need, where you could find a helpful heart caring for your journey ahead.

Be Respectful

All humans are very similar in the same but different in context. We all have the same blood but are of a different skin tone, or hair colour, ethnicity, religion, political agenda and sexual persuasion.

Be mindful that discrimination is abuse. Abuse in any form will not be tolerated.

Upon 3 member reports of abuse you’re profile will be banned for a time.

Hit the Report button to notify the automated system of abuse. Or send us an email.


Our members are allowed the opportunity of empowerment through healthy decisions for ongoing and immediate good mental health outcomes.

You’re automatically a member of the Charpsy Community Board Group where you can get great insights in to mental health. The Group should be your first point of review for your stay at #charpsyorg.


By default your community platform uses an anonymous pseudonym for identification to your connections and the public space.

Remember that your posts are public and can be viewed by strangers.

Be safe.


Please consider the feelings of your fellow human and be heart minded at all times. If you must critique then be constructive, don’t tare down anyone in a blazing fire of glory. Try to be a community of mindful people who are friendly at every best opportunity.

#charpsyorg Co Automated Banning of Bad Behaviour

You have been offensive with:

When you have a post that is reported by three different members as bad behaviour then Administrator staff are notified, and your account is temporarily banned for 3 weeks. Following is list of several reasons why past members have been reported more than three times for a post.

You’ve offended people through:

  • using swear words;
  • an emotionally harmful post;
  • discrimination that includes implying disrespect to the choices of others, including racism, abusive behaviour, sexually explicit or suggestive posts, or homophobia;
  • disrespectful or derogatory remarks about another human;
  • a public post of somebody else’s information that should have been kept private;
  • seeking medical advice;
  • unprofessional references to specific medications including their names and / or dosages;
  • applying unnecessary or undue pressure on members of the community to respond, including manipulation messages;
  • attitudes of violence, suicide or other harmful activity that could cause harm or endanger our other fellow humans;
  • listing details about acts of suicide, self harm, or sexual abuse; and
  • advertises products or services.


Our team of moderators have the ability police community guidelines that have been breached.

If any material you post raises concerns about your safety or the safety of others:

Charpsy may try to contact you to make sure that you or others are safe. Also we may pass your contact details on to authorities who can help.

Charpsy reserve the right to permanently deactivate the accounts of users who breach our community guidelines.

Closing your account

Your membership may be cancelled by you or us.

#charpsyorg Co. Pty. Ltd.